Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tracking Down Bebe's Sickness

The vet left us a message yesterday and Bebe does not have Addisons Disease!

Well it happened again.  I got to spend another night in the hospital, this time at the Mathew J Ryan Veterinary Hospital.  Again I wasn't drinking, eating and was very lethargic.  They took xrays of my tummy but did not find any obstructions.  The more we looked the less we found, but our friend suggested that I get tested for Addisons Disease.  Daddy took me to our vet a couple of days later and they ran the tests.  Hopefully we should know more soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Temporarily Moved

We have been living downtown Philly for a week now and two to go while the bathroom is being gutted.  It took a while to get used to it, well not for me but for Casey.  We are hob nobbing with the elite dogs here.  Mommy is off all week so its good.  When they both work we go to doggie day care at Larisisas (I can't spell her name).  We have fun with the other dogs.  Hope all my Wired friends are doing well.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Berks County Kennel Owners Kill 80 Dogs!

The news story can be found here. I don't have a lot of time right now, but will post more later. Please circulate this as much as possible my furry friends, at least we know our fates.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bebe is Home!

No pictures right now, thank you puppyrotzi. After a day at the hospital, Bebe was released on strict orders of what to eat for the next few days with medicine. They never said exactly what was wrong, but can only hope that everything is find. Thank you to Mt. Airy Animal Hospital for the wonderful care. Also thank you to our friend, Wire lover, Vet at Upenn for guiding us through these tough few days. Lastly thanks to all my furry friends out there.

I got to run in the yard with Casey tonight, so far so good. Now I will rest with my family.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bebster is Down but not Out!

Hi my fellow Wires! I hope you are all have a wonderful summer. I have been great playing with Casey, until now. I must have eaten something that just won't, well, pass I guess. Mommy was away all week, something about a doctorate, but daddy decided working sucks and stayed home with us dogs. Its was great. We played and played, daddy even brought Eli over some play time. Eli is a big beautiful pitbull that loves Casey and I.

So as the week comes to an end I started feeling yucky. Daddy noticed right away, but decided to see if it would fix itself. After a couple of days mommy came home and we went to the vet. I wasn't feeling very well at all. Mommy and Daddy came to visit me after a few hours of an IV, whatever that is. I feel much better, but I have to stay here overnight. Over and out from the Bebster!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kong Time!

Well here is one answer to separation anxiety and its not drugs! Daddy went to get Miracles Nature on his way home at Petco and he saw this, on sale too, for $19.95. He has been talking about this for a long time, but never bought it since its pretty expensive. He even bought us a new toy to share. Unfortunately it will be Casey's in the kitchen until they leave us together.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Seperation Aniexty

Casey, our sweet boy might have seperation aniexty. We really don't know his history. We have tried crating and he pees and poops in there, we have tried leaving him in our room, he tried chewing through the the dog gate and we tried leaving him in the kitchen. Let me say that we keep Bebe and Casey separated, but we might experiment leaving them together. We really have no options but to leave him. We even brought in a local neighborhood college student to come in twice a day along with their dog walker. He can't seem to make it.

We leave him at 8am and our neighbor comes in at 10am to let them out. Our dog walker comes in at 1pm for a nice walk and lastly our neighbor comes back at 3pm. He manages to pee and poop in between visits. We are really at a loss, since we spent his first week on potty training. We can't ease him into being alone without one of us loosing a job. He gets stuffed Kongs, balls stuffed with food, stuff to chew on, but he seems to focus on being alone. He does play with these items. I have decided to buy a wireless webcam to see what he is actually doing.

Wire Fox Terrier, the breed that crosses all religions, races and ages?

Well it has happened again. Last week a car pulls over and an older woman gets out and starts talking about the Wires she grew up with as a child. She was so happy to see Bebe and Casey. And it seems she is not alone. many people stop us and say they had Wires when growing up. Wire Foxes (The Come Back Kid) could probably run for president. Why not?

So yesterday we are walking our terrors and a huge pick up comes up slowly; is it a hit? Nope, another person who says oh I grew up with a Wire. So my fellow Wires, I urge you to show your Wire pride. We are making a comeback.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Long Time No Bark!

Sorry we haven't post in a while my furry four legged friends and two legged ones (some of you are furry too). We have been really busy playing, well Casey and I. My daddy has been busy working on starting his dog training business and mommy just got into graduate school.

Dad has been going to the PSPCA every Saturday to train dogs there. He says they are very good dogs that just need a home, love and some obedience. He has been working with the same dog for like forever. Specs is a male pit bull terrier/dalmation mix. He can sit, stay, come, leave it, down all in a few weeks. Daddy would like to bring someone home but we don't have the room. So if you know someone looking for a dog that needs minimal training, the PSPCA or your local chapter will have the dog for you.

The picture above is from a seminar dad took at Y2K9s sports and obedience club in Wyndmoor PA. Pat Miller author of, "Positive Perspectives" gave a seminar on shaping. We won't bore you with too much, but dad said it was awesome. He has been shaping us ever since. Shaping means breaking a behavior down into tiny increments, and reinforcing each one until you have reached the desired behavior. One small example, going to crate. So you want your pooch to go into their crate but they are scared. You can lure them in with treats sure this works, but they are not really doing on their own. So to shape him into the crate you will have the crate, the dog, the clicker and the treats. Remember small increments! Your pooch looks in the direction of the crate, click treat!. Walks in the direction of the crate, click treat! Touches the crate, click treat! Remember SMALL steps, so this takes time. Finally the dog walks in, click treat! At this stage I might even jackpot with lots of treats. Shaping lets your dog think about what he is doing and what you want.

Got to go someone is barking.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

4 Weeks with New Brother!

Sorry to all my furry friends about not blogging. I have been busy playing with my new brother, along with more play comes more sleep.

Casey has been doing very well. Although, mommy and daddy had to work on some things, I just got to play.

We have been two peas in a pod. Although 2 weeks in my parents went away without us. At least Melissa stayed at our house with us.

I don't think Casey new what toys were. My daddy would say he was flooded with toys. He isn't as easy on them like I am, but if one gets destroyed the toy fairy brings a new one. He is particularly fond of the the little pink pig. He chews on its tail.

Here is an action shot my daddy took. We play and play.

Casey is very mellow for a Wire Fox Terrier. He sleeps a lot. Most mornings daddy has to coax him out of bed to go outside.

We are very thankful to the A.F.T.R. While there are some within this group that believe that two Wire's can't live together we have proven this wrong. My mommy and daddy gave up on them since we were told by one member that we couldn't rescue one since we had one. Luckily another member that we met at the All Terrier Show contacted us about him.

We really don't know Casey's background. When we brought him home his tail was never up and he was very skiddish of fast movement. It took about two weeks for that tail to go up. Now it is up most of the time and he is less skiddish. He is not too fond of his crate, but tolerates it. He started peeing in his crate so that needed to be addressed. Once we took out his blanket he did not pee anymore. We hired our back up dog walker, thanks Peg, to come twice a day to just let them out. This has been a big help and now are scaling back. Melissa still comes once for a nice big walk or romp in the yard.

The Wire Fox Terrier has been brought out in Casey. It took some time, but really not that much. It goes to show why there are so many dogs available for adoption. It takes a little bit of time and care.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Casey's Forever Home!

What a day. We drove to Maryland to meet Casey. I must say what sweet boy he is. We got along great. We just got home, well a little while ago. Can't you tell how comfortable he is? On his side and back already. Thank you Mackie, Melissa, Steve, Ollie and Finnegan! The sweet boy slept almost the whole way home.

He is playing with all my toys and smelling everything. I really like licking his ears. Oh, we saw little Maggie as well and her potential forever family.

I like him.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New buddy? Paws are crossed!

My mommy and daddy got an email from the AFTR. They said they have this little boy available for adoption. He looks very sweet and actually came from Ohio. He is now with the rescue in DC or Maryland where we hope to go visit him.