Monday, July 16, 2007


This past weekend we went to the beach. In Philly and South Jersey it's called The Shore. We go North to a small town called Manasquan, Perry the Poodle lives there with his mommy and daddy. Actually they live in Philly, but spend a lot of time at the beach. This picture is the dog beach. They don't allow us four legged creatures on the people beach. My daddy has taken me to the dog beach a few times. Most dogs are much bigger which doesn't scare me much.

I'll play with anyone. My daddy is nervous about taking me off leash. Most dogs here run free, but not the Bebster. I think he will soon, I just have to prove that I wont run away. I like coming here because of all the different smells. Also everyone is more relaxed. Perry likes to hide his sweet potato treats around the house and I find them all and try to eat them too. Mommy and daddy take them away, they say they make me poop too much.

This is us on our walk to the inlet. Here you can find a lot of people fishing, kids playing and dogs, well being dogs. My mommy and daddy really like this picture.

My daddy took lots of pictures of this loud motorized thing. He really liked it. He says he did not "work" any of these photos. He says he needs more time for that.

We will be coming to the beach again in a few weeks for a whole week. Maybe by then I'll be ready to swim with the big dogs.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Wiry Sunday

Sunday, Wiry, Sunday as Bono would say. Axel and Elliot came over for a romp in the yard today. I must say it was much fun. While the parents discussed worldly things we chased, ran and barked at each other (what else would you expect). Axel is a very stout young Wire. He enjoyed jumping into the water dish as much as chasing Elliot around. He hails from Downtown Philadelphia. He acted as the elder of the bunch. Elliot on the other hand is a puppy. He is extremely playful and likes to bark like I do.

Here we are chasing the little guy Elliot, but he does have a big heart and bark.

Elliot and Bebe show down for the dingo. I stole it from him then he got it back. In the end we both won.
Here is Elliot being himself. He jumped into the Holly bush and started digging a hole. I joined him a few times, but our parents weren't very happy. He got really dirty, thats what we do, right?

After a long afternoon of chasing, jumping, barking and chewing it was time for a cold one. In the end, after a long nap I can say it was a really good day to be a dog, especially a Wire.