Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kong Time!

Well here is one answer to separation anxiety and its not drugs! Daddy went to get Miracles Nature on his way home at Petco and he saw this, on sale too, for $19.95. He has been talking about this for a long time, but never bought it since its pretty expensive. He even bought us a new toy to share. Unfortunately it will be Casey's in the kitchen until they leave us together.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Seperation Aniexty

Casey, our sweet boy might have seperation aniexty. We really don't know his history. We have tried crating and he pees and poops in there, we have tried leaving him in our room, he tried chewing through the the dog gate and we tried leaving him in the kitchen. Let me say that we keep Bebe and Casey separated, but we might experiment leaving them together. We really have no options but to leave him. We even brought in a local neighborhood college student to come in twice a day along with their dog walker. He can't seem to make it.

We leave him at 8am and our neighbor comes in at 10am to let them out. Our dog walker comes in at 1pm for a nice walk and lastly our neighbor comes back at 3pm. He manages to pee and poop in between visits. We are really at a loss, since we spent his first week on potty training. We can't ease him into being alone without one of us loosing a job. He gets stuffed Kongs, balls stuffed with food, stuff to chew on, but he seems to focus on being alone. He does play with these items. I have decided to buy a wireless webcam to see what he is actually doing.

Wire Fox Terrier, the breed that crosses all religions, races and ages?

Well it has happened again. Last week a car pulls over and an older woman gets out and starts talking about the Wires she grew up with as a child. She was so happy to see Bebe and Casey. And it seems she is not alone. many people stop us and say they had Wires when growing up. Wire Foxes (The Come Back Kid) could probably run for president. Why not?

So yesterday we are walking our terrors and a huge pick up comes up slowly; is it a hit? Nope, another person who says oh I grew up with a Wire. So my fellow Wires, I urge you to show your Wire pride. We are making a comeback.