Sunday, February 24, 2008

4 Weeks with New Brother!

Sorry to all my furry friends about not blogging. I have been busy playing with my new brother, along with more play comes more sleep.

Casey has been doing very well. Although, mommy and daddy had to work on some things, I just got to play.

We have been two peas in a pod. Although 2 weeks in my parents went away without us. At least Melissa stayed at our house with us.

I don't think Casey new what toys were. My daddy would say he was flooded with toys. He isn't as easy on them like I am, but if one gets destroyed the toy fairy brings a new one. He is particularly fond of the the little pink pig. He chews on its tail.

Here is an action shot my daddy took. We play and play.

Casey is very mellow for a Wire Fox Terrier. He sleeps a lot. Most mornings daddy has to coax him out of bed to go outside.

We are very thankful to the A.F.T.R. While there are some within this group that believe that two Wire's can't live together we have proven this wrong. My mommy and daddy gave up on them since we were told by one member that we couldn't rescue one since we had one. Luckily another member that we met at the All Terrier Show contacted us about him.

We really don't know Casey's background. When we brought him home his tail was never up and he was very skiddish of fast movement. It took about two weeks for that tail to go up. Now it is up most of the time and he is less skiddish. He is not too fond of his crate, but tolerates it. He started peeing in his crate so that needed to be addressed. Once we took out his blanket he did not pee anymore. We hired our back up dog walker, thanks Peg, to come twice a day to just let them out. This has been a big help and now are scaling back. Melissa still comes once for a nice big walk or romp in the yard.

The Wire Fox Terrier has been brought out in Casey. It took some time, but really not that much. It goes to show why there are so many dogs available for adoption. It takes a little bit of time and care.