Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Bebster Hits NYC

Its been just over a week in my new home and all is well. My mommy and daddy have to work, which means Melissa comes by and walks me during the day. I like her, she is really friendly and plays with me when mommy and daddy can't. All week I've hear about a trip we were going on to the Big Apple. I didn't know what that meant but is sounded juicy.

Saturday morning came and my worst nightmare, a car ride. I hate the car, but know I have to get used to it. I hear that I'll be going to the beach in the summer and its too far to walk. Anyway, off we drove, it took forever. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by cars, people and buildings. We went into a building, took my first ever elevator ride and into an apartment. I don't know how people, let alone dogs live that way, but I met my first real friend, LuLu. We played for hours, chasing each other and stealing each other's toys. Mommy and daddy met little Harrison, daddy's nephew for the first time. I thought I was small!