Thursday, June 28, 2007

I haven’t posted up in a while. Have been busy playing with my friends. Above is Willie my cousin. He lives downtown in Philly; we got to play and play a few weeks back. The heat here has been tough on me and my parents. Luckily I can fetch and play inside. Since my last post I've been to the beach, played with my new friend Eli a pit pull. We chased each other for hours in my yard while my parents and their friends grilled some food.

On another note my parents looked at adopting a sweet 2 year old Wire from the American Fox Terrier rescue only to receive this response:

"I would suggest that you enjoy Bebe. It is true that Wires are great family dogs. However, they are not a breed that enjoys sharing their home and family members with another dog.....especially another Wire. The best of friends can become enemies for no apparent reason. The results are devastating and can be very costly. Fighting with another dog in the home is one of the main reasons Wires are relinquished into rescue. For this reason, we do not place our fosters in homes with other dogs."

Now we all know that there are dogs that don't get along with other dogs. This dog did not have any notations of not being good with other dogs/cats on Petfinder. In all honesty I play well, I've spent weekends with other dogs and there has been no problems. My parents know Wires pretty well now. This dog has, unfortunately, missed a great home. It’s like saying all Pit Bulls are mean. I've met one and he is a really sweet heart. So in the end we should not make generalizations. We look at each action as a unique circumstance. Luckily my breeder wants my parents to get a sweet boy. I guess they won’t be able to rescue another Wire do to generalizations and will have to buy another.

Stay cool dogs its hot out!

The Bebster