Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kong Time!

Well here is one answer to separation anxiety and its not drugs! Daddy went to get Miracles Nature on his way home at Petco and he saw this, on sale too, for $19.95. He has been talking about this for a long time, but never bought it since its pretty expensive. He even bought us a new toy to share. Unfortunately it will be Casey's in the kitchen until they leave us together.


Gus said...

love my kong!


Jackson said...

Hey Bebe, Is that the thing you can put 3 kongs in for a timed release? What a good idea! Hope it helps Casey...J x

Bebe said...

You can put 4 Kongs, stuffed with yummy stuff in it. We tried it yesterday with the laptop webcam recording but there was a glitch with the recording so we cant watch it.

Asta said...

Oh Bebe..I hope that wowks!!1
I have a kong too..peamut buttew is a vewy nice stuffing fow it, hehehe
stay cool
smoochie kisses

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